Construction and Program Management

We can help you plan, staff, evaluate, control, execute and deliver results. We use experienced managers (Certified CPM and PPM) and apply best practices in project management, change management, and communications management to ensure that your projects are completed on time and on budget. We focus not just on completion dates and budgets, but on delivering desired outcomes.

Nearly everything that government organizations accomplish is managed as a program or a project. Our managers understand how to help your organization plan for, organize and manage programs. We can also help you manage projects so that you get the best possible results.

Teya  Technologies provides  management solutions that work in today’s highly charged environment. We deliver the tools, processes and people to help government organizations manage operations, activities and change.  Our management services include:

Construction and Program Management

What we provide:

  • Recommend most effective use of funds
  • Continuous schedule enforcement
  • Ensure design complies with budget
  • Match construction spending with funds available
  • Enhance control of scope of work
  • Optimal project/program scheduling options
  • Best use of individual project team members
  • Maximum avoidance of delays, changes and claims
  • Optimal flexibility in contracting/procurement options
  • Application and integration of comprehensive project controls
  • Design quality assurance throughout the design process
  • Consideration of material, systems and process alternatives
  • Code compliance review

Years of Experience

Managing and supervising programming, planning, design and construction of new and renovation/alteration projects, overseas and in the USA. Projects include all types of military projects to include housing, hospitals, dining halls, dormitories, administrative facilities, recreational facilities, aircraft operational facilities and many others

Air Force Base Planning and Management

Our staff has experience at over 21 airfields both in the United States and overseas. We can  develop master plans for air force  installations to include infrastructure, transportation, land use, management, capital improvement plans, building constraints, and future use and development

 Master Planning

Develop master plans for military installations to include infrastructure, transportation, land use, airfield management, capital improvement plans, building constraints, and future use and development